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Murals poppin' up around the Big Easy...

In December of 2018, Miss Hein being her journey as a muralist in New Orleans, LA with her partner Betty Montrie. Since then she has painted several murals all over the city and is excited to start on their new mural for the Tulane University Freeman School of Business. Her goal for 2020, to paint a mural that changes the skyline of the Big Easy! 



A Series of Paintings and Mural Examining Where the Terra Firma Meets the Water on Louisiana’s Dirty Coast

Fractured and traversed by networks of oil pipelines, the already dispersant-laden, deltaic ecosystem of Louisiana continues to be developed to the hilt and subsequently ripped apart. Saltwater encroachment fractures already cancerous ecosystems and the communities who are displaced are desperately calling for common action. 

Louisiana is losing one acre of land every hour on the Gulf Coast.

Salt, a November 2019 SALON art show speaks about the interval between environmental reversal and emergence. Bullsharks, stingrays, alligators, shrimp, are related to and displayed alongside historic maps and representational lighthouses, as well as the fractal, geometric construction of the mineral salt (NaCl). The show’s focus is toward a more intentional questioning of organic matter and geometric structures in relation to an altogether larger, cohesive universe. 

The sources of wealth, the earth as the mother and labor is the father, are under explicit threat by the economic regime. Capitalism seeks to destroy both sources by super-exploitation unless it is checked. So there is a struggle which persists to even check ourselves, however it nonetheless remains vitally important to remind ourselves that a bad system beats a good person every time.

Eighty percent of Louisiana’s coast is privately owned.

A completed death has not descended upon New Orleans, but rather, a distinct set of policies and structured business practices now intertwines and authorizes pre-existing traditions. This way of life is intensified to breakneck speeds and the damning lack of quality, as we see with the Hard Rock Hotel collapse, most deeply affects working class Louisiana families.

The SALON gallery show Salt, is an extension of works which probe social understanding of what is happening to our Louisiana home. 

What are we at risk of losing when we need to grow so fast?

 November 2019, Salt speaks directly to a diverse and incalculably interconnected environment. 

There is precedent for documenting the invisibility of the environmental processes of the delta south, and in this tradition, Salt is at once an emotional event and an ideological endeavor.

STAINED GLASS (exterior) Mural: Crescent City Automotive

This 1,000 square foot geometric mural lives on New Orleanian automotive shop, Crescent City. Located at 4619 Magazine Street, the mural faces the an abandoned church across the street, it's stained glass windows providing the  inspiration for design. The colors were pulled directly from the surrounding community - The Bead Shop, La Boulangerie, a flower shop and Free to Be Power Yoga.  If you pass by the shop, say hi to Kevin, Bryce, Sean, Paul and Wendy! 

CLOUDSCAPE I (Interior) Mural: Drink Beauty

This concept was created for the newest New Orleans cafe, Drink Beauty.  Cloudscape I is located inside a light pink shotgun house with black and white striped floors . Head to 3424 Magazine street, grab a turmeric latte and snap a pic in front of these bubble gum clouds. 


Formally know as the Royal Crescent Hotel, across the street from the International House, lives the newly renovated Magnolia Hotel. The hotel is home to a new bar and restaurant called Laurel Oak set to open in February 2020. The mural is a rich, symeterical collage of flora and fauna inspired by the artists’ recent summer coursework earning their Master Gardner certification. 


Commissioned by the Arts Council of New Orleans, Miss Hein designed and painted these outdoor seating elements for the public to enjoy in Duncan Plaza. Duncan Plaza is one of the main green spaces in downtown New Orleans.